Sunday, June 8, 2008

Resort 09

So, the other day I was on the phone with my good friend Katrina and she asks me about Spring '09. "What's going to be in, what out? What are the colors?" She likes to get in ahead and know if she can spend money on a tattoo or if saving for clothing is in order. So I tell her what I know from the Promostyl books at school and thought to myself, "Gosh, why haven't I seen Spring '09 stuff yet..." and then realized that Resort hasn't even happened. So I go to and see that, alas, Resort has started. Woohoo... I'm not really a super fan of resort but I will point out a few things I thought were of note.

Ill-fitted clothing seems to be a trend, though who knows why. It's the most unattractive thing I've seen so far. I really don't think this is going to go anywhere, and all the designers were doing it... ouch.

Alexander Wang had a nice little Resort collection, though. I think he used this "trend" affectively without making his clothing look like shit. It is a bit too nautical for my tastes, but again, Resort always is.

Chanel was one of the few houses so far to produce a full Resort collection, and some of the pieces were really successful, others were... questionable. I just don't understand where designers are getting some of this stuff..

Chris Benz had an interesting collection with really colorful pieces. I liked it but it was nothing to write home about. Check it out, it's very wearable... maybe I'll make a dress like one of these for next summer.

Donna Karen also had a great collection. It reminds me so much of my school-mate Whitney's portfolio collection that if I didn't know better, I would think they directly stole her designs. Bravo to Whitney for such accurate trend forecasting. The only real difference is that Whitney did her collection in yellow (because I believe she based the colors off of Spring '08) and Donna did the collection in pink... Whitney's favorite color.

And let me say that if fashion was a killing business, I'd knock off Marc Jacobs first... what a crap collection this season... I mean, yeah I guess maybe it looks a little like Yves, but man, I wouldn't want someone to do a collection inspired by me that looked this bad right after I died... but that's just me.

The Max Azria resort collection was great. It reminded me of Florida girls, even with the cropped jackets and long sleeve things. I think I know people who would wear these things at a beach bar.

Well, anyway, that's enough resort for right now. I can't take looking at another boring collection of poopookaka. Until later...

p.s. Whitney... Issac Miz. stole your tuck darted pants for his collection. *grins* Aren't you smart? Check out Donna Karen, too and Luca Luca.

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