Thursday, June 26, 2008


Alright. Here's the horrific story of my trip to Jay's Fabric Center today. I show up there around 4:25 pm today with high hopes of purchasing not only more of the tan and black striped fabric I used to make my knit dress for the fashion show but also ordering it in at least two other colors so I can make a ton of them to sell (lots of reasons.... chief among them 1. paying off debt, 2. Purchasing a serger/coverstitch machine). Well, I wander around and see that they don't have any left in the store... all the better, I'll just order a whole bolt and call it a day.

So, I find the lady in charge (I feel bad because she's so nice and I never remember her name) and I ask her what paperwork I need to fill out to order some more of this fabric (and show it to her). She gets this really sad look on her face and says, "That was a designer fabric we got from a jobber... I can't get anymore. I'm so sorry." Well, apparently she saw the utter dismay on my face and when I asked if she could tell me the contact for the jobber (in hopes he could give me a contact to another shop that bought some) she says they don't give out that information but that if there was even a small chance she thought she could get more she'd try for me, but that she knew there was no more to be had.

So I franticly searched the store for something even close and the only thing I found was this lime green and light heather gray fabric with a very thin yellow stripe, it was cool, but I know I wouldn't be able to sell many in that color. So, I came home and searched the internet for striped jersey and actually came up with some good options that I can get a decent amount of. So, in hopes that you wonderful people can help me I will post images here. PLEASE let me know which you'd be most likely to purchase a dress in. I'm especially interested in the opinions of those who have seen the dress I'm talking about... might include a picture a little later.

Anyway, here are the different ones I'm thinking about in the order I like them the best.

Ok, these first three are my favorite. The black and gray is a must, I've already decided I'm getting that one. Next, the blue and black goes awesome with the other things in the collection (remember, these clothes are inspired by the Tank Girl comic) and the red and gay is awesome because there are other garments in the collection made of red and gray fabrics... those are the two main colors of the collection.

Next, I found these three pinks. I don't really like pink but I think the first one especially would sell really well and the brown and light pink one is sooo different I think it would do well in boutiques that don't like as edgy of a garment (although the styling of the dress isn't exactly mainstream).

Last are these two completely odd-ball mixes. I really like the green and yellow but I don't know how many people would buy it. This color combo also goes well with the Tank Girl idea because the Roller Derby print used on the garments features a lot of these basic colors like blue, red, green, and yellow. The only problem is that I wouldn't know what color straps to put on it... black would be kinda harsh. And then purple and gray, it doesn't really work with the color scheme but it's unusual and I kinda like it.

Anyway, I really want to know what you guys think. Your opinions will directly determine which ones I buy.

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Anonymous said...

i really like the purple and gray and i would probably wear the green n yellow as well