Saturday, January 31, 2009

Makeup Wants

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Alright, so I recently started working at JCPenney again until I hear from Chico's (hopefully this month). Recently, JCPenney teamed up with Sephora to reintroduce cosmetics to their stores. It works like this: inside of newer JCPenney stores there are now Sephora shops that offer a selection of Sephora products by their popular, though not "mainstream" lines (i.e. not Clinique).

Urban Decay: This also coincided with Urban Decay re-introducing one of their best products that they ever discontinued: cream shadow. Now, below you will see me dissing the cream shadow pallete that I bought. The new cream shadows are offered in tubes only and I'm betting that they reformulated them to not dry into rock hard cakes. We'll be getting it a JCP (where I can get a discount on it) so expect me to be trying the black immediately. I'll probably get the mushroom color as well just so I can do really lazy "standard" makeup when I need to.

Also Urban Decay has been putting out some other cool stuff (for those of you who haven't been keeping up); look.

So, in order we have the Sephora-exclusive Sin version of the primer potion that has a champagne hue to it... pretty rad. Next, Urban Decay has some great liquid eyeliner colors out. I haven't used any of them yet, but I really like the yellow-green (Acid Rain) color. Also, Urban Decay has finally brought back their lip colors... they even have my old favorite, Gash. Lastly, I'd really like to try their new pigments. Click on any of the pictures to go to the Urban Decay page they're on.

Lime Crime Makeup: So, ok, I read like two other blogs, cause I just don't have time to keep up with other people's opinons. But, Doe Deer has a great one about style and makeup and she also makes makeup.
I really want to give it a try because it looks amazing and I've heard good things about it. Check out all her stuff at the link and here's a sneak peek:

Makeup Forever: Ever since I saw this used in a tutorial online and then in person by a makeup artist in St. Pete, I've really wanted to get some of this. It is crazy pigmented and super high quality.

Laura Geller: This lady has some great baked shadows. I tried one out of a tester at Sephora once and have wanted to buy them ever since.