Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Shoot Preview

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The costume has finally been given the attention it deserves thanks to two wonderful people. Asia S. and Michael Park. The set is currently being made badass, but I do have a preview picture that I will post for viewing pleasure.

Oh yeah... how badass are they looking? For those that don't remember, the dress is based on "The Tomb" by H. P. Lovecraft. This is supposed to be the hostess who's home was burnt down with party-goers trapped inside. The main character of the story has a sort of past-memory-flashback about the happenings at the ruins of the home. I was filled with this image of a ghost in a dirty, decaying dress crawling out of the ruins of the house, and the dress was born.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Can you believe I'm still alive? Not me. Things have been ridiculous for the past 8 months. First, there was going to be a job, then a freeze, now the freeze is off but no entry level jobs are open. In the mean time, I've applied everywhere and all I have is a (barely) part-time job that is 40 minutes away. That means, I STILL am not making enough money to move, which means all my sewing stuff is STILL packed away. GRAHGH!

Despite these horrific, world destroying melt downs, I've been able to do a couple of highly awesome shit for my business. First off, I sold my very first piece to someone who doesn't know me! (Friends have gotten stuff from me since high school.) I sold a So Fatigued: Angled Hem Dress to a model, so hopefully I'll eventually get to see some awesome pictures of it.

I've got a freelance job in the works that is big money (at least for me) and would mean I can get a new serger. This makes me feel super happy. Hopefully he either accepts my bid or haggles with me some. It's a pretty cool project where I have full creative control. Maybe I can even use the items for pictures before I send them off to him.

For anyone looking for new-new-news, the next two things I'll be working on are "D.I.Y.F.S." skirts in black gauze (to be explained later) and a new H. P. Lovecraft costume based on my female interpretation of the living dead character in "The Hound." I was also just contacted about a cosplay costume, exciting!

Unfortunately, due to the completely packed away studio I haven't even had the gumption to design a new collection. I have some ideas and was going to pattern some western inspired pieces, but I feel like the looks are already available in a more mainstream version at stores right now and don't know if I want to pursue it. If I have a photographer or model that wants to do a western shoot with gothic tones, I might make up a few pieces and then sell them. I'm really sad I didn't get to do anything with my cool ideas. (I might post sketches... who knows.)

I also have an idea I'm tossing around in the noggin' about a steampunk costume. I really like the look of steampunk stuff and was thrilled about a year ago to find out that a subculture exists that loves all these crazy things I've liked since childhood. So, I'm working on research for that dress now. I have a really original idea (at least, I haven't seen it yet) that I want to incorporate. Problem is I'm going to want to keep the dress... and I need to be selling things. So, if a model would like to buy the dress to own before I make it that will force me to give it up. (Hint, hint)