Sunday, May 4, 2008

Inspirational Goths

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I know that it is minimally possible that this type of post could make someone more pretentious but I don't think that problem affects these particular girlies. Lately I've come across some Gothic ladies who I feel people should get a good look at. It rather tickled me pink to see that one of them doesn't get very dressed up all the time (like myself).

Shannon: Also known as Chrome Girl, this go go dancer/model covers herself in metal clothing. When the cyber thing was super huge, this lady was the queen. The fact that she's so into the cyber and club scene and doesn't do drugs makes me smile, because that's pretty rare to find these days. She's modeled for Lip Service and Demonia shoes.

Adora BatBrat: She's a newest find and comes from Sweden. She's a mommy of three (yes, 3!) and she even did a chunk of Goth modeling while pregos. Major props. Incidentally, I think this picture was after at least two of her children had been born... and you see how small she is. She also has a bunch of videos on YouTube. Some are about random stuff but others are about useful things like how to do your makeup and how to screen print a shirt the fast-and-easy way. Too bad she lives in Sweden, she'd probably be super fun to hang out with.

Sharon Kihara: Sharon is a belly dancer of high repute. She has danced with the Belly Dance Super Stars and also with the Indigo (almost all of my absolute favorite dancers). She has also modeled for a couple clothing companies that make clothing for bellydancers and likes octopi (so that's a plus in my book). I don't know if she's goth or if she could just play one on TV... but she's super cool none the less.

Messy Stench: So if you don't already know who she is, she's basically the other Tank Girl (the first of course being Lori Petty herself). She dresses all kinds of crazy, she's in a band called Alpha Shemale, she does a radio show in CA, and she's a model. She's also been in a CombiChrist video and some TV shows. She's pretty big time but she always has really interesting, unexpected photoshoots. So, check her out often.

Beccles (as listed on MySpace): Another new person I found whilst scurrying across the face of the internet. She's a makeup artist who sometimes models and she's just masterful at her makeup craft. Check out all her work on her Deviant Art page (linked) and marvel at her awesomeness.