Monday, September 29, 2008


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This all started when I found the need to have a new pair of black pump-style shoes to wear down to Fort Myers for my interview. I realized I had nothing that was professional and black and not a boot. The first place I found hope was at a shoe shop we stopped at to find my boyfriend a new pair of boots. They had this really cute pair by BCBG Girl and they even were made in a 5 1/2; I was pretty excited... until I tried them on. Due to the nature of the shoe industry flattering people by marking their shoes a lot smaller than they are, I can never find ones that fit. I learned my lesson the hard way that ordering online from a company you've never tried on in person is an expensive mistake. Anyone wear size 8 and want to pay $200 for $425 worth of Transmutter boots and panels? Come on, I even have a matching purse I'll GIVE you.

Anyway, so I go online to look at what's in style so I know whether or not I ev
en want to drive out to DSW and try on some 4's. Then I got even more depressed. Low and behold there were TONS of shoes that I loved and probably a. None of them will fit or b. They are not work appropriate. But, I thought I'd share them here since you guys might want them.

1: Ecco Ankle Bootie, $174.99
There is a small chance that DSW will have these, since they carry this brand there. If not, at least I can see how they fit and maybe order them online. Very cute, no? Having a little heel is the only dis
appointment but they would look just as good with the new Lip Service clothing (I'm going to blog about that, too) as they would with business stuff. That's a big plus for me. The only other down size is they're a little on the expensive side, but are all leather so should last forever.

2: Indigo Paddington, $99.99

This shoe is really professional looking but the round toe gives it a younger look. It's really different than all my other shoes. Sadly, it does not come in my size. Dickheads.

These shoes are pure badassery. They are my dream shoe. I want them more than almost any other shoe I've ever seen. ARGH!

4: Frye Ankle Boots, $348

Why oh shoe gods do you tempt me so? These boots are actually GRAY. Who makes gray boots? There is nothing that is not super cool about these. They make me want to buy a motorcycle. Insert sad face here.

5: Timberland Premium Rounded Heels, $140
If Aeon Flux was a real person walking around today, she'd wear these. Look at how these lace up. Awesome.

6: Naughty Monkey Posh Heels, $94.99
So, the more of their shoes I see the more I like this brand. They aren't that expensive, they have a great shape, and they have a bit of edge. (Plus remember those boots?!) These are actually on DSW's website for $10 cheaper... so they might be at the store. Exciting!

7: Guess by Marciano Soshanna Boots, $175
These boots are also pure badassery. People who know me realize that these boots would look absolutely perfect with my authentically, wear-distressed black jeans. They are a perfect replacement for my old "where anywhere" black Demonia boots I had in high school during my cyber goth phase. I really love the bronze ones so much that I could care less if they came in black... yes, that's what I said. Unfortunately, they are way too expensive for me to buy right now, but would make an excellent graduation present if my Uncle sends me money for graduation... hmm...

That is all. I will probably post later today about all the good new stuff coming out from Lip Service. I haven't been this excited about their clothing since the first Psycho Circus line was out (yes, that's like three years). Anyway, look forward to that and perhaps pictures of the shoes I actually get at DSW.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spring 2009

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So, I have to say that because I live in Florida, people (a lot of people) from outside the state always look down at (read: on) us and say we're always behind in fashion. I'll give them that a lot of us are, but the rest are way ahead. Let me explain why. We don't get to wear fall clothing.

For one week out of the year, we pull out everything we own that is velvet, leather, suede, and wool and wear interesting outfits everyday. Why? Because this is the only time of year we get to wear them. Especially goths. Are you going to wear vinyl pants in 85 degree, 70% humid
ity weather? No. What about velvet or long sleeve lace dresses? No, we wait for that week of cold snap to pull out the red leopard furry pants and thigh high leather boots.

The rest of the year we're wearing spring and summer clothing. Depending on how into fashion you are, that means we're always wearing something old, or making guesses at the next spring/summer trends. Needless to say, we're very excited in September when the new trends show, because we can wear them... on Christmas... next to the pool.

So I took just a quick look (cause I'm sick and want to go back to bed) at some of the London shows and was like, "SWEET! Right again!" I always get happy when old projects I've done correctly predict fashion trends. I think I should print out pages of looks that came from the same seasons to include in my portfolio to show how right I am all the time... and usually with very very little research.

So, I'm going to show you the image I used for my collection and you tell me what
you think. Granted, the image is a bit "dark" because my clothing is gothic, but you'll immediately see the similarities in inspiration between my picture and the first collection I show you.

Ok, so, Brian Froud artwork. Anyway, I used it for Fall 2008 activewear/streetwear because it's an image of summer, when the fruit starts to go bad on trees right before fall is about to happen. I really liked the colors even though they didn't go with Fall 2008 trends. At the time, we did not have the Spring 2009 trends (though later, when they came in, I was tickled to see my designs matched Spring 2009).

On with the shows... btw, new on, when you look at the collection in full screen, you get huge pictures instead of tiny ones... hurray!

1: Erdem
So, I haven't really taken a look at this designer before but one of his designs was featured on the newsletter and it was gorgeous, so I couldn't resist. His collection has the same washed out tones I loved for my collection (including the blue my teacher made me discard... damn her). Also, take a look at the sleeve in my inspiration and the way he uses lace and embellishment to create the same look. Perhaps he is a Brian Froud fan as well? "I just wanted something soft and hyper-romantic, easy but a bit surreal at the same time," said Erdem Moralioglu backstage. "I've got all these images of seventies theater productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Eton boys wearing flowers in their boaters."

2: Fashion Fringe Competition
Four designers and though the girl that won did a great job, I don't agree with the choice. Anyway, take a look at the rich use of fabric manipulation. Something I've been really really into along with embellishments like embroidery and beading. Nice to see it on the runway.

3: Aquascutum
Amazing and wow. What a collection. Everyone should see it. It's got a casual, easy to wear shape and fabrics. I love the print dress with matching solid trench.

4: Paul Smith Women
This collection also pulls from the same color palette I used. There's nothing not beautiful about it. I really think this provincial, ethnic, patterned, colorful, voluminous look is going to be the characteristic of the next year. Please watch this show if you watch no other (they actually have video for it).

5: Luella
Also very exciting. I love the idea of the garden party look gone mad. These types of clothing will be the appropriate attire for my sort of garden party.

Note: I got a giggle about Marios Schwabs using bondage elements like the bathing suit collection I did forever ago. Very demode. I didn't like that he's doing the trend so late.

Also two of my favorite London design houses did this HORRIBLE early 90s inspiration and I swear if I see people wearing it, I will not only stop to make fun of them but might set them ablaze for wearing something so ugly. What were they thinking?!