Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fabulous Paris Fall 2008

If for nothing else, anyone interested in fashion at all should constantly check out for the clips from fashion shows. One of my biggest pet peeves with the Style Network is that they no longer show anything about the shows on their channel. I'm going to link to my favorites from Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2008 just because I still can't quite figure out how to cut my posts (working on it though).

1: John Galliano has everything for this show (as it should) and the video goes over most of the best items.

2: Nina Ricci
The color palette for this collection reminds me of a dying moth and at the same time
something about my childhood. Who knows... Again with the jodhpur pants. This time in satin. Very sexy.

3: Louis Vuitton
Because of crappy purses, people tend to completely ignore the wonderfulness that is Marc Jacobs for L.V. The structure of these pieces (more hip action!) is amazing. With all the fabric sculpting going on it appears I may need to take up draping again if I'm going to create some of these shapes for myself.

4: Alexander McQueen
An obvious inclusion for me. If I could realize the ultimate fashion job it would be for Alexander McQueen. This collection is... It's just absolutely beautiful.

5: Chanel
One of my favorite things about this collection video was how Lagerfeld was like "That's very flattering, but there's not crime." with a twisted smirk when the commentator commented that his show was like a Hitchcock dream sequence. He's just the shit. This collection is full of the things gothic business women love to wear to the office.

6: Givenchy
The. Most. Gothic. Collection. Ever.

7: Stella McCartney
This collection had so many wonderful ideas going on. Little mini bubble dresses (endorsed by Twiggy no less) and handmade felt and all this English-ness. Very flirty; a different take on the "modern-hippie" trend.

8: Viktor & Rolf
Ok so for one, they had semi--if not COMPLETELY--industrial music in this collection... and that makes me very happy. Second I REALLY would love to hear how you guys think the letters are possible. Think of how cool it would be to translate this into all kinds of things. I'd love a jacket like this with religious and mystical symbols done in black... or even some crazy words like No and Dream. What a concept! And the staples?! I'm TOTALLY doing that!

Also, on an unrelated note, the music at the Karl Lagerfeld signature show was really really awesome. I think it might have been some kind of French Trip Hop... which is the most awesome thing in the world. It reminded me a lot of Ladytron. Anyone know who it was?

So that's all I'm going to feature. I wasn't really feeling anything from the other shows. They had a few key looks, but overall were not inspirational to me. You can check all the shows out on for yourself though and form your own opinion. I only had a chance to look over the shows that had videos, but if you see a great Paris collection that I missed, please point it out to me so I can drool, too.

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