Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring 2008 Colors and Trends

So people ask me all the time what the deal is with trends. Here's my problem: Right now, I'm not looking at this season's trends... well... I am... but for next year. So, because I was looking at the stuff for Spring 2008 last year around this time I went through the work of looking up information for you guys from recent publications and stuff.

Let's start off with color forecasts. I'll tell you what Pantone said (more than a year ago) and then show you what the designers put out (about 6 months ago) so that you'd be seeing it in the stores about a month ago. So, you're already late, might as well start making fall trends look good. But, for those who are stubborn (or wait to start wearing spring clothing in Florida till now) I give you the color forecast.

Pantone Spring 2008 Color Forecast
The colors are actually really, really pretty. They're pretty feminine, but the pink is super dusty and muted shell (that looks awesome with black). All in all, they're colors that can be worked into gothic wardrobes really easily for a pop of color, and like my friend Katrina and I have been doing since last December, grey is super big. So, time for everyone else to catch up. Anyway, at the end the designers that were featured give you their idea of the most popular things for spring. Everyone is saying white, but getting goths to wear all white (or any) is pretty hard, so I'm going to have to second Carlos Miele's idea and say beige (or even better, bone) and grey. Goths who do this for spring will look like they know what there's doing and really, it won't kill you, I promise. Go with light grey though, no charcoal. Think new pewter or old silver, metallic but not shiny, that makes your faded blacks look richer, mysterious, and antique. All the designers (big and small) stayed with this forecast so all the colors were used a lot. Yellow, both purple shades, the blue, and the red were used by everyone.

A Huge Lot of Pictures:

Biggest Trends:
Feathers & Fur
Surrealist-inspired prints
Draped silhouettes
Flower shapes
Satin fabrics
Semi-brights with Black
Hats & other head coverings
Return of the natural waist
50's & 20's
Star Motifs
Polka Dots & Stripes

Added Bonus:
Wearing your fetish-nurse outfits makes you look like a Louis Vuitton model
Even though a lot of Southern goths might not know much about SteamPunk, the runway seems to be taking notice...

My Picks:
Lightweight, wide-leg jeans (grey wash)
Something purple: Puce (the grey-purple), Plum, or Eggplant, all work and are big big big
Something yellow: I really like the Lagerfeld dress that I included which is yellow with a black mesh overlay. Try and find knockoffs at a cheaper price... cause that shit's hot.
Vertical stripe dress: Red and white or black and beige (btw, if I can find more fabric... I'll be selling one super soon)
A new hat... any hat, a bowler or a cloche are my top favorites

P.S. I've decided that if I move to Europe, I'd like to live in Belgium and work for Ann Demeulemeester, new to my list of favorites and oh so close to the top. Look her up on Style.com... everything, and I do mean everything she does is somehow gothic.

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