Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Razor Grade Designs

So, my internship supervisor, Ivanka Ska has been kind enough to hook me up with a photoshoot for some of my garments so you guys will have better pictures than the ones I'm about to post of these garments. They are for sale. You can buy them now. I take PayPal only or you can send a check in the mail and I'll send you the garment once the check clears. Post a comment here if you'd like to purchase any of these garments.

Strapped In Dress: $85
From "So Fatigued" project

This dress is made from lightweight, army digital printed cotton. It has front and back panels with black piping and rubber straps at bust, waist, hip, and over the shoulders. The front and back hems are angular for a sci-fi look and the inseam pockets on both sides snap shut. The seperating zipper on the front allows for quick in and out.

Note: I do not currently have inventory and therefore it will take 2 weeks for you to receive your garment which is currently available only in Small, but that will change soon... maybe Monday... I realize that in this picture, this garment is strapless, but it's really not strapless (hence why I need new pictures).

Truck Driver Top: $40 (Skirt SOLD)
From "Girl You Want!" Collection

Sleeveless, 98% cotton, 2% spandex poplin top with front snaps and roller derby print stipe. Back features a completely open center panel with red, medium hole sized fishnet.

Note: Both of these garments were pattern tests that I completely finished for a school project. So, they are perfectly sewn. The reason I'm not keeping them to wear is that the fabric I had originally selected for these tops stretches way too much. This top is completely bad ass though and would be great as an overshirt, unsnapped to reveal a black tank or something, but would fit funny if you wore it closed (unless you've got big boobs and a tiny waist). THIS GARMENT IS OOAK. When I do make these tops, they will be in a different fabric and the back will not be open! No one else will have this top but you.

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